Yamahasynth40: David Rosenthal

What do Robert Palmer, Cyndi Lauper, Enrique Iglesias, Steve Via and Bruce Sprinsteen have in common. They all have used the talents and skills of David Rosenthal to get the signature synth sounds they need for their music.
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Yamahasynth40: Philippe Saisse

Philippe Saisse came from France to the US on a Berklee scholarship and went on to work with artists like David Bowie, Nile Rogers, Chaka Khan, Al Jarreau and many others.
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Aftertouch - Volume 2, Number 4 (April 1986)

In part two of an exclusive interview (check out part one here), electronic music composer, Morton Subotnick, explains the nitty-gritty details of QX1 programming; users submit four new DX Voices and an introduction to the MCS2 MIDI Control Station.
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