Equalizers Part I

EQ, or Equalizer, is arguably the most useful and powerful weapon you have in your processing tool kit. It is the one professional tool that has been deemed safe enough for even the average consumer to use. But in reality it is perhaps the most misused processor in the field of audio. Hopefully, by the time you finish this series of three articles you will have a new perspective on the use of the equalizer and a new appreciation for what it can accomplish for you in terms of making your music shine.
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Synth Basics: 20th Century Piano-like Objects

It might be hard to believe that there is a gap of two thousand years (2,000) between the invention of the pipe organ and the invention of the piano. (Just some perspective when you make demands for a "new" keyboard). The pianoforte, best known by its shortened name, "piano", is a unique keyboard that introduced soft (piano) and loud (forte) dynamics to the performance from a keyboard.
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Synth Basics: The Father of the Synthesizer Part III

Sine, sine, give me a sine...
The sine wave, the same one you learned about when you struggled through trigonometry back in grade school, is the most basic of wave shapes in nature. To our ears it sounds smooth, pure, singular, lonely; to our eyes it is represented as smooth, pure and without unexpected changes.
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