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Imported Audio Waveform ......volume 'fading' ?

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It’s fairly obvious you started with an existing Kit — which means you inherited whatever programming is involved for each key… so you have solved the immediate issue but have really not learned the cause of the shortened envelope.

Likely you inherited something that may be the cause of the Key fading out. When creating a Drum Kit to trigger audio clips it’s usually a good idea to start with an “Init Drum” so that you do not inherit to many odd programming anomalies. An Init Drum Kit places a default Snare Drum on each Key.

If you just start with any Kit you need to review all the routing assignments, envelopes, etc., etc. to figure out what you are inheriting (at some point you will reach that level of expertise where you do this naturally, but if this is new to you best to start by inheriting as little of another programmer’s work when customizing things for your own personal use. If a Key is routed to one of the two Insertion Effect blocks, the assigned processor is in play and could affect the duration… a Drum Key can be routed to an Insertion Effect or it can use the Sends to the System (Reverb/Variation) Effects.

I recommend that you continue looking for the reason that the Key did not behave as expected — when you find it… this will cause a ‘wrinkle to form in your brain matter’ (that’s what they say happens when you LEARN something new!)

Same goes with programming a KEY as the “STOP Key”… it must have an active Waveform assigned but one that you program to a volume Level of 0… so it is a silent Key, not an empty Key!! Empty Keys will not work…

Check your KEY “Level” — I see that your C1 Key is a very conservatively set to “42” out of 127 (set it so you get enough Volume compared to whatever else you have going on at the time. Every Drum Key has its own Level control.

Extra Credit:
Did you know… when you are looking at a specific Drum Key (Element) you can COPY and/or EXCHANGE it with any other Drum Key Element.
Press [SHIFT] +[EDIT] while viewing the Drum Key’s data.

This will allow you to setup a Drum Key and duplicate your programming for another Drum Key!

Posted : 11/12/2022 12:56 pm
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Now it's "fixed", please can you share the reasons why it was initially faulty?

Posted : 11/12/2022 10:21 pm
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The reason why I made the suggestion to reuse a working Performance was that I suspected that the Performance that wasn't working had missed a step in the setup. Most likely the AEG not being properly setup for the drum key with the long sample. Much less likely some fade out automated by motion sequence (which would have meant motion sequence was turned on and lots of other things that are not probable).

Posted : 12/12/2022 3:23 pm
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