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How do I load multi-samples (many wave files for one sound/Part), multi maped,
not one Donald Duck sample ower the hole Keyboard, to montage??

We do need to get our multi samples to the Montage somehow.
Please tell me how?

Is it comming in a future Montage OS update?
Or did I miss somthing?

A Thought:

Maby The Performance would work better if one could choose not to load to Part/midi channel 9-16
only to Part/midi 1 to 8.

Then you could for example have drums, bass fixed and not changing or disappearing (overwritten)
on 9-16 and just replace / test performance on Part/midi channel 1-8.

Timesaving for me...and easier way to work with DAW IMO.
A good compromise between the old and new.
What do you think?

(And yes i do record audio from montage to daw, i have too)


Musicians today are not rich,
some maby are, but I am for sure not.

Posted : 08/09/2016 11:34 pm

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