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About Motif XF Sequencer capabilities

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I have a few questions about the sequencer

1) Is it possible to record MIDI data into the sequencer with an EXTERNAL keyboard controller and/or a computer ?

2) If the previous anwser to the question is YES: Is it possible to record IN THE SAME TRACK multiple MIDI streams using the overdubb recording mode?

3) Is it possible to record in realtime IN A SINGLE TRACK a MIDI stream containig multiple MIDI channels in a single pass?

Of course that I understand that the sequencer tracks don´t have omni mode and that you are forced to select a single MIDI channel for to playback, but all my quetions are refered to the "recording capabilities" not to the playback possibilities.

Posted : 05/05/2018 10:06 pm
Bad Mister
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1) Yes. You can sync it to external MIDI Clock.
2) what is "multiple streams"? The sequencer records incoming data to the track placed in record.
3) No. Each XF Track transmits a single channel. You set the MIDI Transmit channel for the Track.

You didn't ask but info on the same subject: the XF sequencer includes a "ALL TRACK” REC setting that puts all 16 tracks in record and each track records its correspondingly numbered channel.

Posted : 06/05/2018 4:46 pm
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No, you are not understanding my point.

I am not speaking about transmition or playback but reception or recording.
ONLY about MIDI recording, it means if the sequencer has or not the capability of to handle IN THE SAME TRACK midi messages containg information recorded/incomming in DIFFERENT MIDI CHANNELS (I know that is not possible to playback from a single track MIDI information in different channels, but I am speaking of RECORDING only).

Transmition and reception are independent process in a MIDI sequencer, it is possible (in a single track) to enable multichannel recording but at the same time restrict multichannel playback (what happens in Motif sequencer).

The question is relevant considering that the Super Articulations are created using MIDI messages (Control Changes I guess), It would be impossible to DOUBLE MIDI lines played with the same instrument but played with DIFFERENT articulation (using the same patche/voice for to get different articulations) in the same track.

At the same time is a ridiculous waste of visual space to create a different track for each slightly variation of the articulations of a single instrument for to avoid a collision between the MIDI messages that control the articulation.

Whats more logic is to record each MIDI line with a different MIDI channel in the same track.

The question is if this is possible or not.

Posted : 06/05/2018 8:47 pm
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A secondary point related with the above is what happens if you try to import a MIDI File that contain up to 16 tracks but having multiple MIDI channels mixed (in each single track).

Posted : 06/05/2018 8:53 pm

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