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Montage and Digital Performer 9.x

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As a long time MotU Performer and Yamaha syntesizers user, I'm wondering if - one day - an in deep article about Montage and DP9 will see the light.

I see that Yamaha carries Steinberg products to extremes and have an eye also for Logic, but it wouldn't hurt if I could make DP and Montage interacting.

Posted : 01/06/2018 8:51 pm
Bad Mister
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Hi Michele,

The relationship between Yamaha and Steinberg should be no surprise as Yamaha purchased Steinberg back in 2004. Yamaha products have long supported all DAW, Steinberg supports both Windows and Macintosh and fit a long standing concept that music made on a PC should be able to be played back on a Mac and vice versa... it was a natural.

We cannot offer support for other companies (a lot of times they take offense) we can certainly help you on the Yamaha side of the setup. If you are a long time DP User then you can put together a guide helping others get setup and running. We can help you... we’re sure you know your way around DP better than we do...

DP has been for a long time a supported software, as all the Motif’s and Mo’s came with Remote Control templates for DP.

Posted : 01/06/2018 9:01 pm

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