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A regular XF library - still the same MOXF error: "Illegal file."

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Unfortunately I have to report another case related to a library contained in the "Yamaha 40th Anniversary Pack" which cannot be loaded into the MOXF correctly. In a similar MOXF thread related to the "CS80 Bonus Library", the reason for not getting the CS80 bonus voices loaded into the MOXF was based on the grounds that the additional XF bonus was intentionally saved as an X3A file "WITHOUT samples". However, the library I'd like to point out in this thread is another library which is part of the same Anniversary Pack, namely the "Instant Score Selections" located in folder "H". Also in this case each attempt to load the included voices into a MOXF will end up in an "Illegal file" error displayed on the screen.

With its 15 related voices located in user bank 2, the library "Instant Score PC selections.X3A" (file size: 91.247.427 bytes) contains 15 waveforms and its associated samples (152 keybanks); the content was designed for Motif XS/XF. In other words, the voices do not use any of the new Motif XF V1.5 F/W effects, and the waveforms have also been saved accordingly along with their related voice data, meaning "WITH samples". In theory there should be no reason why this library should not load properly into a MOXF.

However, fact is that none of the "standard" MOXF loading methods will work: All / 1BankVoice / Voice. Like for the other library I already mentioned before, the only way to make the voices finally compatible with a MOXF is to use "Melas Waveform Editor", as the X3A file has to be prepared first. Exploring its contents a little bit closer, you will notice that - in contrast to the CS80 libraries - all waveforms have been saved to reside in the XF's "USR" flash memory slot. Now, taking this under consideration and choosing the "other direction" this time, by moving all 15 waveforms from the "USR" slot over to the "FL1" slot (using the right-click Waveform Editor command), and re-saving the file without any further changes, the MOXF will suddenly accept the library content and will load all voices from now on like a charm - without any complains.

So again, this time we are dealing with an "ordinary" X3A library for which voices should be MOXF compatible in every respect, but still it looks like the "tolerance" of the MOXF's loading routine is depending on which flash memory slot ("USR" or "FL1") the waveform content has been initially saved within an X3A file. Exactly that shouldn't be. Even though the mentioned "Instant Score Selections" library is really not my taste, this example just highlights my theory again that there might be room for improvement in the MOXF F/W. I'm sure I will now receive disparaging comments because of my criticism here (which is still constructive from my point of view), but this time I think there's really no excuse and no reason why such a commercial library shouldn't load without the need of external tools. Just my 2 cents.

Posted : 23/10/2015 5:11 pm
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Is there really no technical explanation for the issue I reported more than one week ago? No regular way to overcome such "Illegal file" errors - just with the aid of the MOXF?

I can only hope that behind the curtains the problem has already been registered and forwarded internally to the Yamaha development team in order to resolve it. At least I would have expected any response that somebody takes care of it.

Posted : 31/10/2015 4:45 pm
Bad Mister
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Sorry if I wasn't clear in my previous reply... Certainly it was possible to make a Motif XF file that does not load into the MOXF. Particularly, when the data was created specifically for a particular use case within the Motif XF. The Motif XF predates the MOXF by a full three years.

The file extension (.X3A) indicates to me that this file was not created using a Motif XF... It was likely created using an early version of the external (Melas) Waveform Editor because it is impossible to save a file from a Motif XF containing Flash Boards with that extension. And it was possible (for a time) to create such files in the Waveform Editor... back in 2010-2012 the years before the MOXF even existed.

In more recent versions of the Melas Waveform Editor file preparation for MOXF is anticipated and respected. The file extension certainly helps the MOXF with its translation of the XF source data.

One reason that a MOXF 40th Anniversary Premium Contents Pack version was created was to have data specifically reformatted for use in the MOXF (avoiding the "USER 4 data-shuffle"). The promotional Packs are offered to purchasers of the specific keyboard, such that you should receive a MOXF PCP when you register your MOXF, and you receive a Motif XF PCP when you register your Motif XF.

The data you receive from Yamaha will be compatible with your instrument. If you are asking if we are aware of data created for use with the Motif XF that does not load to the MOXF, yes we are... As mentioned if you generated the file in an early version of Melas software certain critical data that the MOXF needs to make the translation was not necessarily included in the editor file.

The Motif XF files in the Motif XF PCP were created for use within the Motif XF; the file and folder names are designed to be read from a system with 20 character names and the Motif folder system hierarchy is used.
The MOXF files, naturally, were created with the MOXF in mind, the file and folder names are abbreviated to better fit the more DOS-like 8 character naming format of the MOXF system.

Now because there is compatibility between data created in the Motif XF and the MOXF, it might happen that you receive data for the Motif XF in place of data specifically for the MOXF. In such a case, the devil is always in the details.... Where/when/who and with what software/firmware was used to create the data (that's usually when I get a call)

Again, if you have Motif XF formatted data that will not load to your MOXF, contact Yamaha Customer Support... They will help straighten the data out for you. That's something that can be done.

It matters not how the file data became unreadable, although as one who tries to stay up with such incompatibilities and potential incompatibilities (version histories of software and firmware updates), I have to say 'when' and 'how' files are created can very much influence whether or not they can be read later by another device. In this case, the wild card was "how" the original .X3A was saved (on a computer) by a version of the software that did not anticipate the MOXF.

If you have access to a Motif XF you can convert it properly yourself.... load it and Save the data yourself... As you will see the XF will create a file using the extended extension indicating in which folders to "look" for Waveform data (.n1, .n2, .n3). The MOXF will be able to access and load the data... There is Voice compatibility between the instruments.

If you have the latest version of the Waveform Editor, the latest version of firmware in your MOXF, you should be able to correct any files that were made with earlier versions of the Editor.

However, the issue is a non-issue for most people, as they can simply request the PCP for their keyboard. If however, you have a file you cannot translate contact Customer Support.

Posted : 01/11/2015 10:24 pm
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Thanks for the clarification, Bad Mister. Your explanations related to the slightly different Motif file/folder/name structure makes perfectly sense to me, especially the mentioned fact that still library content might be offered for which certain vendors didn't use creation tools which fulfil the latest Yamaha specs.

Since I have no Motif XF (I only purchased the separately available XF-related PCP as there is no MOXF-related promotion here in Europe), I checked again your approach to load and to re-save the library without any further action - using the latest release of Melas Waveform Editor. As you predicted, that also worked to make the said library "MOXF"-compliant.

Posted : 02/11/2015 6:13 pm

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