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ES to MOXF, Learning curve, data transfer

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I was wondering if it would be wise to replace my Motif ES8 and buy a MOXF8 as my workstation synth to compliment a Montage? I was thinking that the technology alone would probably interact with the montage and DAW's a lot better and probably save time. But I am going to have to learn how to work with not only the Montage but also Cubase. So i was curious about the transition between the ES and the MOXF, what am I in for, and is it a very wise move? If it happens that it is a good idea, is it simple to transfer my saved pattern based sequences to the MOXF? I need some good incite please. Thank you.

Posted : 07/05/2016 3:37 am
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Depending on how many hours per day you can spend on them; will be the rate at which you will learn. the more time you spend, the faster you will learn them. Cubase takes some time to learn and was a pain to get working. Make sure you have a computer that will be compatible with them. I am also getting the Montage but It can't be any harder then learning the XS8. I can say, I spent about 14 hours a day for 3 months to learn the XS8 and Cubase. I self taught myself with Forums and youtube! So I would say the XF8 and Montage is all you need! Good Luck!

PS Check this link

Posted : 14/05/2016 4:46 am

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