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CP4 Stage Control Change limited range

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Why there is a limited range of allowed Control Changes (0 - 95) for to assign to the pedals, considering that in the MIDI Implementation Chart, transmit & receive, are several CC# above that range (#100, 101, 96, 97)?

Also there are other important functions like: Omni On & Off, Poly and Mono (CC#124 -127), All Sounds Off (CC#120), Reset Controllers (CC#121), Local Control (CC#122) & All Notes Off (CC#123) that are enabled or disabled using CC# that exceed the 0 - 95 allowed range.

Looking that the CP4 is publicized and sold like a digital piano and "MIDI Controller" it is really difficult to understand this limitation.

Posted : 12/09/2018 12:21 am

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