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Programming Basics 8: Assignable Knobs

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The next article in our ongoing series for getting the most out of your Montage is now available. Please post questions and comments here.

If you haven't read the article yet, check it out:

Programming Basics 8: Assignable Knobs

And if you'd like to get caught up on the series, here are the links to the other articles:

Getting Started with Montage (kicked off the series)
Programming Basics 1: The Super Knob
Programming Basics 2: Super Knob Common
Programming Basics 3: Super Knob Unipolar
Programming Basics 4: Super Knob Bipolar
Programming Basics 5: Super Knob Morph
Programming Basics 6: Super Knob Complex
Programming Basics 7: Super Knob Values

Posted : 08/06/2016 4:49 pm

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