The July ’86 issue introduces the FB-01 multi-timbral FM tone module, three new DX9 Voices and more!
The June ’86 issue introduces the MEP4 MIDI Event Processor and MJC8 MIDI Junction Controller, plus four new DX7 voices and more!
In part two of an exclusive interview (check out part one here), electronic music composer, Morton Subotnick, explains the nitty-gritty details of QX1 programming; users submit four new DX Voices and an introduction to the MCS2 MIDI Control Station.
This issue contains part one of an exclusive interview with electronic music composer, Morton Subotnick, plus four new DX Voices, QX/RX advice and more!
This month's issue includes advice on the QX1, TX816 and KX-series, five new DX Voices and info on using the CX5M as a word processor/modem.
A DX7 Voice programmer in this month's issue says "I like to watch peoples faces when I play about four bars of bass plus piano (which most synthesizer will do), and then bring in the brass with the breath controller. It really floors 'em!"
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