Mastering MONTAGE Video Series!

To help you get the most from your MONTAGE Music Synthesizer, we now have added over 4 hours of how-to videos to the Mastering MONTAGE educational series. Featuring Yamaha product gurus with information and lessons to appeal to users of all levels.
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MONTAGE 101: A 6-Part Video Series

Perfect for anyone new to the MONTAGE Music Synthesizer! Join Yamaha Product Specialist, Tony Escueta, for this 6-part video series - and learn more about the basics of the MONTAGE and navigating the controls.
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Mastering MONTAGE: An FM-X Exploration Part 2

In Part 2 of this series we will study a Performance made with the same basic setup as in Part 1, but featuring different settings for our 8 Assignable Knob parameters. In Part 1 we turned some knobs and made some observations and speculations about what was being controlled - was it the Modulator or the Carrier that was being altered by a specific Knob parameter? Now we will follow through and see where those Control Assignments were made and how they are applied by the settings. Included at the bottom of this article download the MONTAGE Connect (P3.X7B) file for the tutorial, PERFORMANCE: P3
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