Blake and Nate and CP OS v1.5.
CP Update, MONTAGE/MODX Sounds and More.
Creative Touch Sensitivity Ideas.
The team shows the latest CP OS update!
New Sounds, Improved Control.
Organize and Edit CP Live Sets
A minor update.
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Check out the Tech Talk Replays on CP OS v1.4 in five languages!
New character-rich pianos, pads, strings, synths and more!
Check out the videos from Czech Keyboardist and Sound Designer Martin Kropa Kryštof.
An Overview of CP73/88 DAW and iOS connectivity
MIDI Connectivity with CP73/88 and MODX.
Check ot the replay of the CP73/88 Stage Piano Tech Talks
Cool pads, cool new ways to control your CP73/88 sound.
Yamaha Artist Luke Juby demonstrates Advanced Mode in Yamaha CP88/73
His rendition of “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus” is beautiful.
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