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CP OS v1.20 for CP88/CP73 Available NOW!

New sounds and new control take CP88/CP73 to a new level!

New Sounds

The second update to the CP88/CP73 adds 30 new Voices to the Sub Section. You’ll find great new leads, strings, pads, leads and more that are perfect for a wide range for musical styles. Check out the new sounds:

CP OS12 New Voice

New Control

There are enhancements to the user interface that streamline control and make the CP88/CP73 even easier to use.

Live Set Initialize: Want to create your own Live Set from scratch? With OS v1.20 you can do this by pressing the [EXIT] button and the [SETTINGS] button simultaneously. You will have a Live Set with only the CFX Concert Grand active and build you Live Set from there.
Initialize CP Live Set
Pitch Bend Range: The range of the Pitch Bend Lever increases to +/- 24 semitones for each section. Great for dramatic pitch effects.

Modulation Lever Assignments: You can assign the Modulation Lever to virtually every parameter on the front panel. Want to increase the Depth of the effect in the Sub Section, or the Speed of a Phaser in the E.Piano Section? This and more can is now assignable to the Modulation Lever.

USB Volume Control: Before OS v1.2, the only way to control USB Audio Volume was from the Menu. Now you can assign control of USB Audio Volume to the Modulation Lever or Foot Controller 1 or 2. This enhancement greatly improves real time control of virtual instruments or audio backing tracks from a DAW.

Selecting Menus with Live Set Buttons: Getting to Menus is easier in CP OS v1.20. After pressing the [MENU] or [SETTINGS] buttons LIVE SET Buttons 1-6 select Menu items. In the example LIVE SET Button 5 selects USB Audio Volume in the Menu:

CP 12menuNew Live Set Sounds: Want to check out some of the new Sub Section Voices in CP OS v.1.20? Check out Live Set Page 12 after updating to play through the following Live Set Sounds:

  • CFX + Slow Str
  • C7 + Noble Pad
  • 78Rd+AnalogPad
  • 78Rd+OBBrass MW
  • Sync Saw/DX EP
  • Fat Saw Pad MW
  • OB Brass
  • Marcato Str
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