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  3. Friday, 23 March 2018
Can I use the MD-BT01 to connect to a PC windows 10?
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Bad Mister Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Compatible devices: iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, Mac with Bluetooth 4.0 installed

Windows is not supported... that’s a MicroSoft question...
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Jason Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I've recently purchased a MD-BT01 device with the intention of using in unsupported configurations. Namely PC and Android environments. Given MD-BT01 conforms to standards - getting the device to work within Windows 10 is possible.

Not all software - in fact, hardly any - can "talk to" bluetooth MIDI devices. Hopefully, over time, packages will integrate support. For now, you need to build a "bridge" between the MD-BT01 device and standard MIDI drivers which are recognized by software packages. Luckily, there are choices here and I will present what worked for me.

First step: Pair the MD-BT01 with Windows 10

This may be obvious, but your PC requires a bluetooth transceiver (transmitter/receiver) in order to communicate with the MD-BT01. Not all PCs have a bluetooth transceiver and not all have the level/version of bluetooth support required. Under windows, if I hit the "windows" key then type "bluetooth", I will see an option "Bluetooth and other device settings" which I can click on. After this application loads, choose the "+" (plus) sign for "Add Bluetooth or other device". From the next menu, choose "Bluetooth" which should be the first option. The system will search for the MD-BT01. Make sure the MD-BT01 has been plugged into your keyboard/MIDI device properly so it will be able to be discovered. Once found, select "MD-BT01". Your "Bluetooth & other devices" settings panel should show MD-BT01 as "connected" under "Other devices".

Second step: Create a bridge from the MD-BT01 to your PC

Under normal conditions, even though the MD-BT01 is paired, there is no software which will be able to "see" (utilize) the MD-BT01. Currently, the best bridge application/driver for bluetooth MIDI devices is an app you can download from the Microsoft store called "MIDIberry" from NEWBODYFRESHER http://newbodyfresher.linclip.com/ . I downloaded my version from the Microsoft Store. After downloading, load the app and select the MD-BT01 as the "input" device. The "output" device will be another virtual MIDI cable you will later download.

Third Step: install and create a virtual MIDI cable between MIDIberry and a virtual MIDI port (loopMIDI)

As I type this up, I notice the MIDIBerry website already documents this/these steps fairly well. See: http://newbodyfresher.linclip.com/how-to-use-with-daw

loopMIDI is a virtual MIDI cable that can be recognized by DAWs or other MIDI software such as Ctrlr. Download loopMIDI from http://www.tobias-erichsen.de/software/loopmidi.html

This is the same place I downloaded my version from. I was able to successfully transmit, through Bluetooth, from my Yamaha Montage to the Ctrlr software and wrote a Lua script to display MIDI activity including SysEx messages.

There may be some limitations I have not yet run into yet. But for general/intended use, stringing these applications and drivers together seems to get the job done.
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Jason Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Note: in order to achieve 2-way communication (above only works one way) - you need to create a second "loopMIDI" device for the other direction and use "WindBerry" for the other direction. MIDIBerry will handle the data in one direction and WindBerry will handle data in the other direction. I have been able to get JM Tools (Performance Editor) to work on Montage -- but not fully. Enough for JM Tools to recognize the firmware level of Montage and fact that it is connected. I believe there may be either latency issues or buffer overflows which causes the rest of JM Tools to fail using this method. The method is sufficient for "light" use such as using the keyboard to transmit notes to a DAW or other "slow" work.
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