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  1. costa
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  3. Monday, 14 May 2018
Hi everyone. I'm new here and would like a little help please.

I recently bought a cs6r and I’m eventually beginning to understand the way the plg boards incorporate into the module.

I’ve installed the sounds that came with the plg150vl into the internal plg voice memory (not the board user memory).
So this is the non volatile user memory. All great so far.

All I want to do is access this memory using msb lsb messages but I’m finding it impossible to work out how this is done.

I can access the board voices
PRESET 1 33 0
PRESET 2 33 1

But not the internal CS6r saved plg voice referencing the board voice.

I’ve also got the plg150an installed. Same problem.

Any guidance appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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Bad Mister Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
The host product’s own Presets for the installed board is loaded from the ROM area once a PLG150 is detected in the slot, 1 and/or 2

63/24 - This MSB/LSB number will always address the PLG_INT bank of the PLG150 board that is placed in slot 1 – it matters not which board, only that it is a PLG150. The PLG_INT bank Voices are loaded at power up. The data for them is stored permanently in the ROM and is loaded when a board is detected in slot 1 when you turn the power on.

The bank 63/24 will always reference the PLG150 board you place in slot 1.

63/25 - is the PLG_INT bank for any PLG150 board placed in slot 2.

This is as best as I can remember (its been nineteen years)!
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costa Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
That is absolutely excellent Bad Mister, you're a star. Those are the numbers I've been searching for, and now patch (voice) changes are working. I can't tell you how many times I've searched the net, and all the user manuals.

You've also been a great help to me reading your other posts on the plg150 cards over the last week or so.

Many thanks. Costa.
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