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  3. Saturday, 07 April 2018
I am trying to load and save a few classic MOTIF voices, Power Grand, etc.... into the the A1 to A16 section of USER BANK 1 on my ES, but I keep losing them when I power off-on. I go to the FILE menu, VOICE, choose my desired location, ENTER. I then navigate to VOICE where I make sure to STORE the voice. When I then power off and on, the labels remain but no sound. I thought the USER banks remain in memory during power on-off ? At least my USER 2 bank seems to work that way...I loaded the AXXE guitar voices in USER 2 and they remain intact after power on-off, so do my USER ARPS....What am I missing / doing wrong? Is memory different when I load external voices into USER 1 vs 2? Are these classic MOTIF voices custom oscillator waveforms which must be reloaded every time? I tried creating ALL backup for just 16 voices and it took forever, won't even fit on SMARTMEDIA......
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When you load Voices that use custom Waveforms and Samples, that data is loaded to sample RAM. This is volatile memory that must be reloaded on each power up. Back in the era of the Motif and Motif ES (2001-2006) Audio Data for Waveforms/Samples we’re stored on volatile SIMMs and DIMMs, in the interim decade such types of memory have gone extinct- replaced by high speed Flash memory... as in the Motif XF, MOXF... and later products.

When you have a file that you would like to restore each time you power up the Motif ES, you can name the file, literally, AUTOLOAD.W7A. Then you can “teach” the ES to find that file ... this way each time you power up, the ES will look for and load that data.
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