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  1. Kenny
  2. CP4/40
  3. Tuesday, 12 June 2018
Looking for some advise, I am a late comer to the CP4 in fact it I do not have it as yet but will next week when it arrives, I used to own and gig a P200 and the action and sound suited me but the weight in a flightcased started to become a chore. I then got the Yamaha S90ES a great board and still have that but again the weight flightcased has become a problem so I started to looking at other stage Pianos and have been through the usual suspects of Roland, Nord, Kawai, Dexibel and of course Yamaha.

I know the CP4 is now late in its production run but as yet Yamaha seem not to have a new Stage Piano ready for market and if they do it could be months or next year and some might think I should hang on as see what comes. But there is something about the CP4 in quality of sound that the others are missing and I like the timbre of Yamaha Acoustic Pianos which is maybe why I have kept returning to the CP1 as its weight and form factor seem right for me as a performing player.

Anyway I have pulled the trigger on the CP4 and await its arrival, my main question at the moment is I need a case or soft bag for this instrument and the Yamaha CP bag gets the thumbs down from a lot of CP4 and CP40 owners due to poor and flimsy design which is very unusual for Yamaha in my experience.

So any recommendations as to what case to look at which is well made, offers real protection to the CP4 and which does not add lots of weight to the CP4 ?

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Kahlil Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
There are always compromises when choosing adaquet protection for keyboards while still keeping weight down. When I owned a CP4 I used a Gator Case 88 slim harshell TSA approved case. Great protection and doable weight because the CP4 was under 40 lbs. However, I’m sure you can use a semi rigid porter style case to really cut down on wheight as well. That’s about as far as I would go though, no gig bags! The case that Yamaha makes for the CP4 fits too snug and the wheels need to be moved more to each side because when rolling it, it easily tips over (horizontally).

As far as a successor to the CP4, I really want one to happen sooner than later. However (no offense to you or anyone else purchasing this board now) sales are still up and people continue to purchase the CP4 at the new “reduced” price. I’m sure Yamaha see’s no reason to update currently. As I’ve said before it is a decent stage piano but right now I feel it is bested by the Roland RD2000 and Korg Grandstage to name a few. Time will tell, but Yamaha don’t usually update their keyboards in predictable cycles, especially if they are currently selling well.
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Kenny Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Thanks for the reply, I have always used full flightcases for my equipment but as its only me handling the stuff I am very careful and a Porter Style Semi Rigid Case might well do, currently I am looking at a Gator GK88 slim case that gets some decent reviews, regarding the CP Case Yamaha should have had a better stab at it.

I have already tried out the current crop of Stage Piano's from all leading manufacturers and spent some time with the RD2000 and Grandstage, The RD 2000 is a massive footprint and once cased would for me be a liability to move around, I have never liked Roland RD stage Pianos and while the RD 2000 is a very comprehensive instrument it did'nt do much for me and I think the EPs are way better in the CP4. As for Korg I have never liked their Piano sounds and while the Grandstage is the pinnacle thus far for Korg its not the best Piano sound out there imho.

For the price, the sound and footprint I still think the CP4 is a real contender for the stage player and while it does'nt feature string resonance its not a deal breaker as live such details wont be heard, recording might be another matter.
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