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  3. Saturday, 02 June 2018

I have a Yamaha S30 synthesizer (which I think in this context will be same than it's big brother S80). After we moved into a new apartment it seems like it lost the stereo from there. Mono works fine and that is tested with both headphones as well as speakers.

So far I have:
-Tested with different cables to connect the speakers. Both speakers works (obviously one at the time). Both cables works.
-Restored factory settings

Any ideas?
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Bad Mister Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
There is nothing that you have mentioned that points to a solution, quite yet. Let's see if we can zero in on the issue a bit more...

we assume you are connecting the L/MONO Output and it works alone.
But you need to connect both cables, one to "L/MONO" the other to "R", in order to test whether both output jacks are working.
That sounds obvious, but you would be amazed at how many people just plug a cable into the "R" output, looking for results... Results can be misleading if you only connect the R output. (in fact: It is never correct to JUST connect the Right Output) Here's why:

When only one cable is used, you are to use "L/MONO" - which literally translates to both channels will be phase coherently merged to that output when one cable is used.
BUT as soon as a cable is inserted into the "R" jack, signal is sent to L/R as would be normal in a stereo situation: Left signal to the Left output, Right signal to the Right output.

The phrase "stereo is not working" is curious, here's why:
When connecting both L/MONO and R to your speakers - are you telling us that the RIGHT side is not working?
Or are you saying when you call up a sound and you PAN it LEFT and RIGHT, that no signal goes to right side?
Or are you telling us when call up a sound and PAN it LEFT and RIGHT, that the sound does not move?
Arto Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Thanks for the answer. So I have three outputs, which are Phones, L/MONO and R. I have tried
1) Phones alone. The sound comes out from only the left side of the headphones. Using phones elsewhere right side is just fine.
2) Speaker connected to both L/MONO and R. The sound only comes from the L-speaker, regardless of cable, regardless of speaker (that is, if I connect a cable from L to left speaker, the sound comes from left speaker and right speaker is silent. If I swap the cables and connect from L to right speaker, the sound comes from right speaker and left speaker is silent).
So it seems to me like nothing comes out of the right channel.
Bad Mister Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Seems it's time to see an authorized Yamaha service center. Usually you can find one through the Yamaha.com corporate site.
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