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  1. Drew
  2. Montage
  3. Tuesday, 12 June 2018
FYI. The April 2018 release of Sample Robot for Montage is now July :(
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Timo Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Where did you hear that? I checked the site and it still says May?!?
  1. one week ago
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Andy Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
He probably emailed Christian and that’s what he told him. I will try emailing him and let you know when I hear from him
  1. one week ago
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Jason Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
This news is a reprint. Could have also referenced this thread (pessimistic part about taking the current month and adding one).


SampleRobot Montage Edition seems tied to SampleRobot 6. Updates for SampleRobot 6 are most frequently updated on the twitter feed:


However, the twitter feed is also embedded on samplerobot.com

On the twitter feed - this is the most specific information for the Montage edition release date:


EDIT: HERE's the reference to July


SampleRobot@SampleRobot - 5 hours ago

Thanks, release comes closer. We're heading for early July.
  1. one week ago
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Andy Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Yes I heard back July
  1. one week ago
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Tarek Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Early July is not too far away.

Hopefully they won't bump it up to August in early July.
  1. 6 days ago
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Aaron Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
They just posted on Twitter that the Montage export functionality is code complete now. That’s a good sign.
  1. 6 days ago
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