YC SynthTips: Custom Drawbar LED Colors

Learn how to customize your YC Drawbar LED colors in less than a minute!
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Neil Tankersley Rig Rundown

Check out Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Neil Tankersley’s custom keyboard rig.

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YC Synthtips: How to View a Current Drawbar Setting

YC Synthtips: How to View a Current Drawbar Setting
This YC SynthTip shows a handy shortcut for drawbar settings.

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YC SynthTips: Customizing Key Click

Here's another way to personilize your YC Organ sounds.

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MONTAGE OS v3.51/MODX OS v2.52 Available NOW

A small but mighty control update!
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YC SynthTips: How to Split the Organ Section

This YC SynthTip shows you how to split the upper and lower manuals.
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YC SynthTips: Adjusting Rotary Background Noise

This YC Series SynthTips adds authenticity to the VCM Rotary Speaker effect.
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YC SynthTips: Assigning FC7 to Key Section Volume

Check out this useful YC Series SynthTip.
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SynthBits: YC88 Sound Demo

From keyboardist and producer, Yancy.
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SynthBits: YC Series Videos from Woody Piano Shack

Three great YC videos from Woody!

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SynthBits: Watch Estuera Create a Song with a Single reface CS

Can you create an entire song with a single reface CS? Yes!
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YC SynthTips: Control Rotary Speed with FC4A/FC5

Check out this YC Series SynthTip.
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SynthBits: Michele Papadia YC61 Performance

Check out this smokin' trio led by Michele Papadia!
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Believe in Music 2021: YC Series Tech Talks

All the videos from the NAMM Believe in Music Event.
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MONTAGE/MODX SynthTips: Change Octave/Transpose Settings

Temporarily or permanently change the octave or transpose.
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OS v1.1 for YC Series Stage Keyboards

The latest version of the YC OS has some new Voices and Live Set Sounds.
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Believe in Music 2021: Tech Talk Schedule

Check out the Tech Talks for Believe in Music 2021.
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Mastering YC: Connect YC Series to Computer/iOS

Here’s a quick start guide for connecting your YC Stage Keyboard to your computer or iOS device.

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YC Series: Audio Demos

Great musical demos of the YC Series!
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YC Series Artist Videos

Check out this great videos from our extraordinarily talented artists!
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