YC SynthTips: Assign a MIDI Demo to a Live Set

A cool feature in the Soundmondo iOS app.

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YC SynthTips: Load and Save Live Sets to a USB Drive

Save and load your sounds.
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YC SynthTips: Copy and Swap Live Set Sounds

Use the handy Live Set Manager for efficient organization.
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YC SynthTips: Name Your Live Set Sounds

Check out these shortcuts!
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Tech Talk: Creative YC Live Sets

Create cool sound combinations with YC Series.
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Mastering YC: How to add LIVE SET names to Cubase

Want to select YC61 LIVE SETS by name from Cubase? Read on!

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SynthBits: Dom Sigalas Explores YC61 Live Set Sounds

Check out Dom’s exploration of the Live Set Sounds of the YC61 Stage Keyboard.

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Mastering MODX: Performance Basics 2 and the Live Set

More about Performances, the Live Set and how to access and organize your MODX content. 
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