SynthBits: Rock Around the Xmas Tree with Rachel K Collier and reface DX

Check out this festive classic with Rachel K. Collier and reface DX!
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SynthBits: Sonicstate reface CS/CP jam!

Sonicstate's Nick Batt jams with reface CS/CP at Innovation Road Studios. 
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Behind the Synth: Dom Sigalas and Hans-Peter Henkel Chat

This weeks Behind the Synth features London-based producer and composer Dom Sigalas and Yamaha synthesizer guru Hans-Peter Henkel. 
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SynthBits: A Very Yamahasynth Christmas from AJ Rafael, TJ Brown & Albert Chang

SynthBits: A Very Yamahasynth Christmas from AJ Rafael, TJ Brown & Albert Chang
Happy Holidays from Yamahasynth.com! Check out this special holiday treat wth AJ Rafael, TJ Brown and Albert Chang.
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SynthBits: Hark! The MODX Does Sing!

Check out this rendition of "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!" from Dr. Mix and the MODX!
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Holiday Goodies from YamahaSynth

There are lots of cool and free downloads for your Yamaha Synthesizer!
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SynthBits: Dom Sigalas Plays His New MONTAGE/MODX Performances

Dom created some great new Performances for MONTAGE OS v3.0/MODX OS v2.0. Check them out!
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Michael Patrick: Yamaha Ginza Store and Innovation Road Live Performances

Check out some orchestral improvisation and on-the-fly groove creation from Michael Patrick.
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Michael Patrick: Innovation Road Interview

Find out more about Michael!
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Michael Patrick: Yamaha MONTAGE7 White | Artist Profile | The Keyboardist

Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Michael Patrick is a keyboardist, songwriter and producer from the UK. 
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Tori Letzler: Sonicstate Interview

Nick Batt from Sonicstate talks with Tori Letzler. 
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Tori Letzler: MONTAGE6 White | Artist Profile | The Synthesist

Tori Letzler and MONTAGE6 White.
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Tori Letzler: Innovation Road Interview

Check out Blake's inteview with Tori Letzler from Innovation Road performance stage.
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Avery*Sunshine: Innovation Road Interview

Check out this interview with Avery*Sunshine from the Innovation Road performance stage.
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Avery*Sunshine: Yamaha MONTAGE8 White | Artist Profile | The Pianist

We caught up with Avery*Sunshine in her Atlanta studio for this quick tour of MONTAGE8 White.

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Avery*Sunshine: Yamaha Ginza Store and Innovation Road Live Performances

Check out Avery*Sunshine's live performances from the Yamaha Synthesizers 45th Anniversary Live Stream Event.
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SynthBits: CS-80 Famous Presets

Check out some of the iconic sounds of the Yamaha CS-80 Synthesizer in this short video.
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SynthBits: CS-80 Blade Runner 2050 by Firechild

Check out this cool video with music created entirely on the Yamaha CS-80!
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Behind the Synth: CS-80 Retrospective

This week's episode of "Behind the Synth" is all about the CS-80.
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Synths 1974: CS80 vs. MONTAGE with Dom Sigalas and Katsunori Ujiie (Japanese)

Check out the videos from Dom and Ujiie on the legendary CS80 and MONTAGE White!

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