POWER USER: Ethernet

This article will help you setup your XF to your computer via Ethernet.

Exploring a Voice in VOICE mode

The "VOICE" is the basic playable entity in your XF. Learn how to explore a Voice to find the magic.

Flash Board Session: MOTIF XF

Here is an example Flash Session - design your own Wave ROM

The Flash Advantage

A unique, exclusive feature of the Motif XF*, flash memory makes it possible for the first time for you to design your own custom wave ROM. 


Imagine if you will, a 2 gigabyte blank canvas where you can install your most desired instrument samples to customize and design the wave ROM that, until now, has been only a dream...or a fantasy.

CP4 Stage

Synthbits: Hear YouTuber "Keybdwizrd" playing MONTAGE Performances

We love posting videos of people playing MONTAGE.

Superbooth18: John Melas Tools

John Melas demonstrates his great editing tools for MONTAGE at Superbooth18.

Superbooth18: Moira Muñoz

The wonderful Moira returns to Superbooth with the unique VKB-100 Vocaloid Synthesizer.

Superbooth18: Richard Devine

Electronic music artist and sound designer Richard Devine blessed us with multiple performances at Superbooth18 in Berlin, Germany. Check out his performances from days 2 and 3!

Synthbits Soundmit 2017: Álvaro Gandul

The performances from Soundmit 2017 in Torino, Italy with Spanish keyboardist and producer Álvaro Gandul playing MONTAGE and reface YC!

Kevin Randolph

Yamaha Synthesizer Artist, Kevin Randolph, is a multi-talented producer, arranger, musical director and piano player. 

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson is a Yamaha Synthesizer Artist who is a writer, producer and for the last ten years, keys player in Jamiroquai.

Cassandra O'Neal

Yamaha Synthesizer Artist, Cassandra O'Neal, is a keyboardist, vocalist, composer and producer - best known as musical director and keyboard player with Prince and The New Power Generation.

Jacques Greene

Yamaha Synthesizer Artist, Jacques Greene, is an enigmatic young house producer from Montreal leading the evolution of the genre.

Salo Loyo

Salo Loyo is a Yamaha Synthesizer Artist who is currently keyboardist for No Pals and Luis Miguel.

Nicholas Semrad

Yamaha Synthesizer Artist, Nicholas Semrad, is keyboard player/sound designer based in LA and NYC 

Scott Healy

Yamaha Synthesizer Artist, Scott Healy, is currently keyboardist for The Basic Cable Band on "Conan."

Alfa Mist

Yamaha Synthesizer Artist, Alfa Mist, is an in-demand emerging artist from East London who simply describes himself as a producer and composer.

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