Free YC Sounds from YamahaSynth!

Happy Holidays! Check out these free YC Live Set Sounds from Blake!

Nick Semrad Artist Notes: How to Learn to Play in Every Key

…and a few reasons why it’s unbelievably beneficial.

FM Synthesis Collection: madFame

Great videos from a great FM programmer!

SynthBits: Waveforms and Filter Effects with Four Operators

Part III explores Four Operator FM Synthesis.

Mastering MODX: Import Pattern Scenes with MODX Connect

Import Pattern Scenes into your DAW with MODX Connect.

Tech Talk Spotlight: MONTAGE Sequencer

A series of Tech Talks focused on sequencing and recording features in MONTAGE and MODX. 

MONTAGE/MODX SynthTips: Common Performance Edit

This SynthTip shows you quick edits at the Common level using the knobs. 

Tech Talk Spotlight: MONTAGE Basics

Essential knowledge for MONTAGE and MODX Owners.

SynthBits: Waveforms & Filter Effects

Part II of madFame's FM Synthesis Series.

MONTAGE/MODX SynthTips: Pattern Sequencer Loop Recording

Loop recording is easy with the Performance Pattern Sequencer. 

Audio 101: Gain Staging

What it is and how to do it correctly. 

Mastering YC: Nick Semrad Artist Sounds

Introducing Nick Semrad's Artist Sounds for YC61.

FM Synthesis Collection

A curated collection of articles on FM Synthesis.

Tech Talk Spotlight: YC Series

Check out the YC Series videos in this Tech Talk Spotlight.

FM Synthesis Collection: Manny's FM-Xplorations

This intermediate level article series offers great FM programming tips and tricks.

FM Synthesis Collection: Manny's FM-Xpert

An intermediate/advanced article series on FM-X by Manny Fernandez.

FM Synthesis Collection: Easy FM

An excellent four-part video series on basic FM Synthesis.

FM Synthesis Collection: Manny's Modulation Manifesto

Manny Fernandez's first YamahaSynth article series featuring reface DX.

Behind the Synth: Classic Yamaha Synth Retrospectives

Behind the Synth episodes featuring classic Yamaha Synthesizers!

MONTAGE/MODX SynthTips: Import MOTIF Content

Upgraded to MONTAGE or MODX from a MOTIF? This video shows you how to import your data. 

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