Make editing your MONTAGE or MODX easier on a Windows or Mac computer.
Sync MONTAGE/MODX to external audio with Audio Beat Sync.
Blake and Nate chat with Synth Guru, Katsunori UJIIE
Want to enhance your sound?
A unique approach to easy FM programming!
Create an arrangement from Pattern Scenes.
Improve your MONTAGE/MODX Workflow.
We all make mistakes, here’s how to start fresh.
Modulate synth parameters with audio.
Check out Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Neil Tankersley’s custom keyboard rig.
Temporarily or permanently change the octave or transpose.
Check out ALL the videos from our live stream event!
A series of Tech Talks focused on the onboard effects in MONTAGE and MODX. 
Quick edit a Performance with the Tone Control knobs.
Import Pattern Scenes into your DAW with MODX Connect.
A series of Tech Talks focused on sequencing and recording features in MONTAGE and MODX. 
This SynthTip shows you quick edits at the Common level using the knobs. 
Essential knowledge for MONTAGE and MODX Owners.
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