And the rave reviews keep coming in! The MONTAGE Music Synthesizer is an amazing musical instrument with great sound, powerful real-time control and user-friendly workflow. But don't take our word for it, take a look at the following MONTAGE reviews:
The Envelope Follower works with external audio and with internal Parts. The Mastering MODX Article Series continues with a deeper look at this cool feature.
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More on FM-X for MONTAGE and MODX owners from Moessieurs!
In this lesson from our own Bad Mister, learn more about how the Motion Sequence dedicated controls on the front panel make it easy to manipulate and change in real-time, providing incredible interactivity and expression.
In this next article in the "Mastering MODX" series, Bad Mister explains the "Side Chain" function of the Motion Control Synthesis Engine which allows for modifying one Part with another.
In this lesson, Bad Mister introduces us to how to leverage the Controller Box Switches in MODX.
Bad Mister introduces us to the next lesson in leveraging the power of the MODX - using the Part Assignable Knobs.
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The Mastering MODX Article Series for Owners of the MODX Music Synthesizer!
This week Moessieurs explores the different spectral forms and operator frequencies in FM-X.
Discover new sounds for your MODX and share your own with Soundmondo, the social sound sharing website!
MODX MIDI Settings Explained!
Learn more about using the MODX Super Knob in setting parameters and limitations for shaping your modulations.
This article will show you deeper ways to modulate chord sequences and melodic lines with the Super Knob. Wecome to Super Knob Complex!
Super Knob Morph is all about smooth fades between two or more different Parts. This tutorial shows you how this works in MODX.
MODX Super Knob programming continues with thos exploration of Super Knob Bipolar negative and positive values. 
The exploration of MODX Super Knob programming continues with Super Knob Unipolar settings. 
Understanding the Super Knob begins at the Super Knob Common level. Bad Mister begins his deep dive into Super Knob programming right here!
More about Performances, the Live Set and how to access and organize your MODX content. 
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