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Bad Mister (aka: our own Phil Clendeninn) continues his series on converting Motif XF Performances to create amazing things in your MONTAGE. This time around, it's "Neon Girlz"!
Welcome to the second article in the Manny Fernandez FM-Xplorations series! A longtime FM programmer - contributing sounds to the DX7II, SY77, SY99, FS1R and DX200 - Manny has lots of tips and tricks to share in this highly informative series!
In Part III of Technical Specialist Heratch Touresian's video series he shows you how to use a song to trigger custom samples.
Join Bad Mister as he takes you on a tour of something old while introducing you to something new - the converted Motif XF Performance: "Chilln' Keys" in the Motion Control Synthesis Engine. This is the second in a new "scuba" level series of Performances articles by Phil "Bad Mister" Clendeninn.
Welcome to the first article in the Dr. Manny Fernandez FM-Xploration Series! A longtime FM programmer who contributed sounds for the DX7II, SY77, SY99 FS1R and DX200  - Manny Fernandez shares lots of tips and tricks in this highly informantive series.
This free collection of MONTAGE LIVE SET Libraries and a User file make it easy to access the existing MOTIF XF Voice content in your MONTAGE. Check it out!