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The CP4 features some authentic recreations of vintage stomp-box style effects using Yamaha’s remarkable VCM or Virtual Circuitry Modeling technology.  What follows is a closer look at the TouchWah and PedalWah effects.

Here is a tutorial on creating a custom CP4 piano Performance using the S6 piano (APIANO3) for the Main Voice and the CFIIIS piano (APIANO2) for the Split Voice and saving it to a Performance location for instant recall.

Looking for a specific electric piano character on your CP4? Personalize the Rd and Wr Voices to sound more vintage, retro, authentic, or however you want — no futzing with a screwdriver, adding/shaving solder or other mechanical hijinks required! Read more and Blake will show you how!
Here is Part 2 of my CP4 tutorial:  Performance Creation!

I have just finished part one of my CP4/40 tutorial about the Performance mode in the CP4 and CP40.  Although I refer to the CP4 in the video, it is also applicable to the CP40 since the operation of the two instruments is virtually identical.  Look for part 1 in the Resources section of this site under CP4.
Here is part 1 of my CP4/40 tutorial about performance mode in the CP4/40.  Although I refer to the CP4 in this video, it applies to the CP40 as well since the operation of the two instruments is virually identical.