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It’s a commonly quoted feature of the MX Music Synthesizers that they share over 1100 sounds with the legendary MOTIF synth library. The big question then arises…so…WHERE are they in the keyboard?
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Welcome! If this is your first encounter with the Yamaha MONTAGE, this short guide can help find your way around. You are about to experience a milestone synthesizer. Not only new in concept but a new level of sonic clarity. You’ll want to experience the MONTAGE under the following conditions: through a quality stereo sound system and with the optional FC7 sweep pedal and an FC3A sustain pedal.
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We know that the original MOTIF XF Performances were four PARTS, with just two Assignable Knobs per PART and no COMMON Assign Knobs; it had just six Control Sets per PART... We’ve been exploring the possibilities using this data to build upon. Let's take a look at the impact of adding additional PARTs to an existing Performance. In this article, we'll be expanding on the MOTIF XF Performance data.
The MX49/61/88 and Logic Pro make a great, affordable production studio. With MOTIF-based sounds, MX and on-board audio, and MIDI connectivity, you have a simple yet powerful system connected with a single USB cable. Read more to see how you can set up your MX with Logic Pro. 
Smooth_It_Over_4.X7B”Smooth It Over” is a Motif XF Performance using five ARP1-ARP5 buttons. We’ll see how ARPs are linked to SCENE buttons and how Scenes can be used to influence your backing groove, and we'll discover a hidden Easter egg among the Arp Phrases.
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