The Voice sounds different when placed in a PART of a PERFORMANCE or MIXING Setup...
Voices sound different when you move them from Voice mode to a PART, why?
PARAMETER WITH VOICE copies Voice mode parameters into your PART 
This article will introduce you to the Effects processing and routing.
One mode to rule them all... find out how to master MASTER mode.
How to find Voices and create your own Performances
If you want access to all your Voice Libraries without having to LOAD them, this is a must read.
MIDI Recording to Cubase demystified
Adding MIDI to your Audio recording skills will allow you to expand your horizons.
Part 2 adds a microphone - play and sing, and record both discreetly.
The MOXF features a built-in AUDIO Interface - this means setup to record to a computer is EASY.
CP4 STAGE PIANOQuick tour of the new CP4 Stage - simply the best stage piano ever!
The A/D Input on the back opens up a world of possibilities, start your exploration here:
Setup your MX49/MX61 BK/BU/WH and MX88 with Cubase on your Macintosh computer. This article is applicable to both the original MX series and the MX49/61 BK/BU/WH and MX88.
What do I need to download and where do I go to get it?
A must read if you are considering creating your own Arpeggios.
How can some Elements 'dance' to the arpeggiator while others play normally?
These are not your father's arpeggiators, learn about some of the 'magic' involved.
This advanced programming tutorial will show you how to perform multiple sounds with seamless transitions.
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