Super Knob Morph is all about smooth fades between two or more different Parts. This tutorial shows you how this works in MODX.
MODX Super Knob programming continues with thos exploration of Super Knob Bipolar negative and positive values. 
The exploration of MODX Super Knob programming continues with Super Knob Unipolar settings. 
Understanding the Super Knob begins at the Super Knob Common level. Bad Mister begins his deep dive into Super Knob programming right here!
More about Performances, the Live Set and how to access and organize your MODX content. 
Check out this short article complete with a great musical examples from the talented producer/remixer/DJ Chris Lorenzo!
We are kicking off this "Snorkel Level" series (for all MODX users regardless of experience level) with Performance Basics and then we will tackle how to create and use your own Live Sets.
Creative ways to use the Rhythm Pattern feature in MODX!
A new version of MONTAGE Connect for users of MacOS Mojave is available now!
This week's contribution to MONTAGE and MODX enlightenment is devoted to the A/D input and the great onboard Insertion Effects!
This week's Moessieurs is more about the amazing vocoder effect in MODX!
One of the best descriptions of the weight of MODX can be found in this video!
Meet Woody from the YouTube Channel "Woody Piano Shack"!
Check out Moessieurs exploration of the MODX Vocoder!
The Moessieurs walk you through updating MODX. 
Moessieurs Mondays are back! Check out this introduction to MODX in French (with English subtitles).
Check out this short video featuring DOMi playing MODX8 and sharing her thoughts about this incredible instrument.
Check out DOMi playing the MODX8 live from Yamaha Artist Services NYC during the MODX Launch Event.
Yamaha Synthesizer Artist DOMi is a remarkably talented keyboardist, pianist and producer from France.
MODX is available NOW! You will want to get the FREE MODX Essential Knowledge Guide!
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