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Behind the Synth: Richard Devine

This week's Behind the Synth features electronic music artist and sound designer Richard Devine!
Richard Devine was a highlight of last year's MODX launch at Yamaha Artist Services in New York. His performances and presentations the last few Superbooth shows have been incredible. Richard travels all over the world performing at festivals and clubs, provides sound design for companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Jaguar - he used FM-X sounds from MONTAGE for the the I-Pace - and many of the sounds in MONTAGE and MODX were created by him. You can check out some of his great work on Soundmondo here. Without a doubt, Richard Devine is an iconic figure in electronic music and sound design. 

Another fact about Richard is this: He is one of the nicest people we get to work with. He is remarkably intelligent, exceptionally kind and considerate and has a great sense of humor. It usually takes us about 1/2 an hour to walk the short distance from the Yamaha room at Superbooth to the exit because everyone wants to talk to him and he graciously takes the time to chat with everybody. Well, WE had the chance to chat with Richard for the Behind the Synth podcast at Superbooth. Check it out below:
Yamaha Synthesizers 45th Anniversary 24 Hour Live ...
Knobcon 2019 - Chicagoland Sept 6-8

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