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  3. Tuesday, 15 May 2018
There was a message that's been deleted -- was in the middle of leaving an answer. I'll just leave it here and merge it in later if the question shows up again.


There is some utility in keeping the superknob (and other knobs) documented along side the audio that matches those MIDI settings. I won't argue the request, though. If you don't want to record superknob and assignable knobs you have a few choices.

1) Keep superknob (and assignable knobs) as SysEx. Use MIDI Filter to filter out Sysex
2) Assign a CC number to Superknob and the Assignable knobs. Use MIDI Filter to filter out specific CC #s



Which shows the MIDI filter screen.

Here's a blurb on setting superknob to use CC:


As usual, I can't help with anything except for presets. Can't dig into a commercial library. If you turn off all FX (press the "FX" button on the top line of Montage's touchscreen and then touch the 3 levels - Insert, System, and Master) then this will kill all reverb except that which is present in the original samples (not likely to surface in an FMX Performance).
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I deleted the message cos I suddenly realized that I can overdub midi, which I never do yet but will from now on. that is the solution to the superknob and all the other knob movements. record them later on top of the recorded midi notes after the song has been edited.

as far as keeping the system effects I already knew that this only works by bouncing one track after the other to audio from the midi recording with USB main out and will never work on any of the other USB channels. I just find it tedious. with 8 parts it takes 8 times longer to go audio.
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