CP OS v1.4


Graphic which displays the Yamaha logo with words "Synthesizers" and "Tech Talk Live" included.

Tech Talk Replay: CP OS v1.4

Check out the Tech Talk Replays on CP OS v1.4 in five languages with Blake Angelos, Hans-Peter Henkel, Álvaro Gandul, Manuele Montesanti and Katsunori Ujiie.

Yamaha MONTAGE synthesizer with overlaid headline of "Behind the Synth".

Tech Talk Replay: CP73/88 Overview

An Overview of the CP73/88 Stage Piano.

Graphic of Yamaha logo and words Yamaha Synthesizer and Tech Talk Live overlaid.

Mastering CP: Basic Splits and Layers

Setting up Splits and Layers is easy on the CP88 and CP73. 
Graphic with Yamaha logo and the words "Yamaha Synthesizers Tech Talk Live".

Mastering CP: Menus vs. Settings

This article explains the difference between the two.
Graphic of the Yamaha logo on backdrop of waving fabric and the words "Tech Talk Live".

Mastering CP: Advanced Mode

Check out some creative ways to use Advanced Mode.
Since 1974, Yamaha Synths have changed the face of music. Today MONTAGE is leaving its mark on the world. With sophisticated dynamic control, massive sound creation and streamlined workflow all combined in a powerful keyboard designed to inspire your creativity. It’s the culmination of almost a half century of groundbreaking ideas in one synth.


Behind the Synth episodes featuring classic Yamaha Synthesizers!
Upgraded to MONTAGE or MODX from a MOTIF? This video shows you how to import your data. 
It's easy to find Bank Select and Program Change information for a Performance or Part. This SynthTip shows you how.
Nick shares his thoughts on the importance of ear training.
Some great conversations with designers of sound!
Check out all the CP73/88 videos in our new Tech Talk Spotlight Series.

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