The YC61 Stage Keyboard


Graphic which displays the Yamaha logo with words "Synthesizers" and "Tech Talk Live" included.

YC61 Live Set Sounds Video

Check out some of the sounds in the YC61 Stage Keyboard played by the fantastic keyboardistJonas Gröning.

Yamaha MONTAGE synthesizer with overlaid headline of "Behind the Synth".

The YC61 Stage Keyboard

Check out Nate and Blake's tour of the YC61 Stage Keyboard in the latest episode of Behind the Synth.

Graphic of Yamaha logo and words Yamaha Synthesizer and Tech Talk Live overlaid.

Dom Sigalas Explores the YC61 Live Set Sounds

During Winter NAMM 2020, Dom Sigalas took a moment to play some of the sweet sounds of the YC61.
Graphic with Yamaha logo and the words "Yamaha Synthesizers Tech Talk Live".

Music Production Guide

Get more info about the features and capabilities of your MONTAGE and MODX.
Graphic of the Yamaha logo on backdrop of waving fabric and the words "Tech Talk Live".

Tech Talk Live August 11: YC61 MIDI Connectivity

Tech Talk Live wraps up the YC61 Stage Keyboard series with a look at MIDI Connectivity.
Since 1974, Yamaha Synths have changed the face of music. Today MONTAGE is leaving its mark on the world. With sophisticated dynamic control, massive sound creation and streamlined workflow all combined in a powerful keyboard designed to inspire your creativity. It’s the culmination of almost a half century of groundbreaking ideas in one synth.


Blake and Nate chat with keyboardist and sound designer Nicholas Semrad.
Dom Sigalas is back with an all-new FM Synthesis tutorial!
On the next Tech Talk Live we'll explore how the YC61 connects to other keyboards. 
We discussed Splits and Layers on the last episode of Tech Talk Live. 

Expand Your Keyboard Landscape.

The Tech Talk Replay of July 28 we checked out the YC61 Keys Section.
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