By: Blake Angelos

Here’s are some ways to expand your new MONTAGE M!

Thanks again for purchasing MONTAGE M. This guide is designed to help you find resources for expanding your MONTAGE M.


Get the most out of your MONTAGE M with SynthTips, Tech Talks and free sounds at Soundmondo, our social sound sharing network. Best yet, all of these are free! Check out the details below.


Get MONTAGE M Manuals here.
MONTAGE M includes a free copy of Cubase AI. Go here to register and download.


MONTAGE M loads all MONTAGE Content. Download these Libraries for free:

Chick’s Mark V: A meticulously sampled recreation of Chick Corea’s customized Mark V electric piano.
KA-Pro CS80: A sample library featuring the legendary CS80.
MONTAGE Expanded: Produced by Yamaha Music Europe in cooperation with EASY SOUNDS and Cool Webinars.

Check out this collection of great MONTAGE libraries for purchase here.


SynthTips videos show common (and uncommon!) features and will help you get the most out of your synth.


Soundmondo is a free social sound sharing service that allows users to discover, share and organize sounds. You can access Soundmondo in the follow ways:

On Mac, PC and Android, you can access Soundmondo through the Google Chrome web browser available here. You must use this browser because it has a specific API called WebMIDI that allows you to connect your MONTAGE M to the computer via USB directly.

iOS users can download the Soundmondo app here. You will need an Apple Lightning to USB Adaptor or USB C to USB connector to connect to your iOS device.

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