Connecting SEQTRAK

SEQTRAK’s versatility allows connectivity to a wide range of music and audio gear. This guide describes and how to connect to your devices.

USB C Connection

SEQTRAK ’s USB C TO HOST port connects MIDI and audio from SEQTRAK to your computer or iOS or Android device down a single USB C cable. This allows a multitude of recording and performance possibilities. For example:

  • Record and playback MIDI. You can record MIDI Tracks generated by SEQTRAK playback into a DAW. The FX LEVEL, HIGH PASS and REPEATER movements are recorded as MIDI controller data.
  • Record SEQTRAK audio digitally to your DAW.
  • Play and monitor computer, iOS, or Android audio through the SEQTRAK ’s audio output.
  • Connect to the SEQTRAK App.

iOS and Android Devices: Connect SEQTRAK to your device with a USB C cable. For Apple products with Lightning connectors you’ll need a Lightning to USB C Cable.

Mac and PC: To connect SEQTRAK to Mac or PC you’ll need the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver. Here’s where to get it:

After downloading the file, follow the installation instructions. Connect SEQTRAK to your computer with a USB C cable. If you don’t have a USB C port on your computer, you’ll need a USB C to USB A cable.

Bluetooth Connection

SEQTRAK features onboard Bluetooth connectivity. Connect SEQTRAK wirelessly to the SEQTRAK app for the following uses:

  • Edit sounds and sequences with the GUI editor.
  • Learn SEQTRAK with the Dynamic Tutorial.
  • Create deep interactive visuals with the Visualizer.

Here’s how to connect to your device:

  • Enable Bluetooth on the external device.
  • Power on SEQTRAK and open the SEQTRAK App. You will see this:
  • Touch on “GO TO DEVICE CONNECTION”. On SEQTRAK, press and hold the [ALL] knob and the [SWING] button:
  • Your SEQTRAK will appear in the screen. Select the name (highlighted in the red square below) to connect:

Explore features offered by the SEQTRAK App like the GUI Editor and Dynamic Tutorial:

WiFi Connection

SEQTRAK’s built in WiFi allows wireless management of Projects and Sounds. You can connect directly (AP Mode) or through a wireless network (Client Mode). The SEQTRAK App gives you step-by-step instructions. You can manage files via the USB C connection, too:

Expanding SEQTRAK

Thanks again for purchasing SEQTRAK. This guide is designed to help you find resources for expanding your Music Production Studio.


Get the most out of your SEQTRAK with free OS updates and the SEQTRAK App. Check out the details below.

OS Updates

Get the latest SEQTRAK OS here. Installation instructions included in download file.


The SEQTRAK App is an essential part of the experience! Available on all major platforms:


Check out articles and videos and get the most out of your new SEQTRAK. is the place for cool SEQTRAK content, and more! Go here.

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