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By: Blake Angelos

Check out my Signature Artist Sounds for the YC Series.  

Check out my Signature Artist Sounds for the YC Series.  

Aslan’s CFX 1 & 2

Aslan’s CFX 1 and Aslan’s CFX 2: “Aslan’s CFX 1” is the primary piano sound I play on a regular jazz gig at a club called Aslan Depot in Bellingham, WA. The CFX Voice is assigned to Keys A with damper resonance and compressor effects added. I find the compressor allows me to be heard better when playing live with drums, bass, and horns. I assigned 73Rd to Keys B in the off position, with compressor on in Effect 2. I assigned SPX Chorus to Effect 1, But it is saved in the off position, ready to be deployed if I need a strong chorus effect on a ballad.

“Aslan’s CFX 2” is a variation of “Aslan’s CFX 1”. The difference are the effects assigned to Keys B.  Keys B assigns LoFi and Ring Mod followed by the Looper Delay for all Parts. All these effects are stored bypassed. I’ll use this Live Set when the music calls for cool special effects and switch on Keys B effects and add the Looper Delay when I want a cool looping texture.

Pad of Krom

Pad of Krom: A warm and full pad sound. This is a layered synth pad featuring the Voice “Nowhere” in Keys A with the LoFi and Reverse Reverb applied to Effects 1&2 respectively. “Analog Pad” is assigned to Keys B with Compressor in Effect 1 and for a cool slow moving filter sweep effect switch on Effect 2. This adds the Auto Wah effect with the Depth turned all the way up and Rate all the way down. Want even more padded goodness? Switch the organ section on and add the F1 organ with VCM Flanger applied.

Mean SevenTfree

Mean SevenTfree: This Live Set features the 73Rd with Compressor and the Speaker/Amp effect “Case” applied. It’s great for funk, jazz fusion, R&B and hip hop. Keys B and Organ are both saved in the off position and split at G2. Keys A features a monophonic Synth Bass and the F3 FM Organ is assigned to the Organ Section with the LP Filter Effect applied. Switch these sections on when you need a mean bass sound added the electric piano. Want to get meaner? Connect an FC7 foot controller to Foot Controller 2 and Switch on Effect 1. You’ll have the Pedal Wah Effect applied to 73Rd for some serious funk.

Sanctified C3

Sanctified C3: This Live Set features the wonderfully played-in sound of the Nashville C3. I love the intimacy and down-home quality of this piano. It’s perfect for Country, Americana and earthy Pop.

Keys B has the Clean Gt 2 Voice with the British Lead distortion Analog Delay effects assigned. The Organ section features the H1 Organ with just the 4′ fundamental drawbar pulled out and C3 on in Vibrato/Chorus. Both Keys B and Organ are off when the Live Set is recalled. The idea is to start with Piano and during a song, then add Keys B and Organ section on a bridge or second verse. I find it useful when playing with singer/songwriter.  I can orchestrate different instrumental blends on the fly, layering guitar, organ or both with the Part switches.

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