Behind the Synth
Benn Jordan

By: Blake Angelos

MONTAGE M Sound Designer Series, Part Three.

Welcome to the final episode in a three-part Behind the Synth podcast series featuring MONTAGE M Sound Designers. ICYMI, check out Parts One and Two:

This episode features electronic music producer, sound designer and YouTuber and Benn Jordan. We discuss Benn’s time growing up in the vibrant Chicago music community, how he got into synth programming, what he likes about MONTAGE M and specific sounds he created. Throughout the episode I added audio Auditions of Benn’s MONTAGE M Performances. Below are the Performance names and engines used:

  • Top-0:28—”BLJ Chill Suite”, AWM2/AN-X
  • 1:55-2:34—”Planet 10”, AN-X
  • 4:42-5:44—“Flashbulb Kit”, AWM2
  • 12:15-13:30—“Additive Movement”, AN-X/FM-X/AWM2
  • 16:22-17:13—”Big Loud Sky”, AWM2/AN-X
  • 17:44-18:42—”Trees in Juarez”, AWM2/AN-X
  • 21:00-22:20—“Cosmoklavier”, FM-X/AN-X
  • 32:07-32:55—“Argentina 2080”, AWM2/AN-X
  • 37:26-38:40—”FM Meditator”, FM-X/AWM2
  • 37:16-38:00—”24 OP Organism”, FM-X
  • 46:22-46:59—“Bellscape”, FM-X
  • 49:59-50:44—”My Loving Ghost“, AWM2/FM-X
  • 54:43:55:09—”CFX Old Tapes”, AWM2/AN-X
  • 59:49-100:52—“Vapor Technology”, AWM2/FM-X/AN-X
  • 103:28-End—“Chicago 2005”, AWM2/AN-X/FM-X

Note: This podcast was recorded during a conference call. You’ll hear differences in audio quality between the conference call and locally recorded audio. All of Benn’s MONTAGE M Performance Auditions were recorded to a DAW in stereo.

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