Behind the Synth
Dan Rouse
Dave Polich

By: Blake Angelos

MONTAGE M Sound Designer Series, Part I

Welcome to the first of a three-part Behind the Synth podcast series featuring MONTAGE M Sound Designers.

This episode features seasoned programmer Dave Polich and Yamaha Artist/Sound Designer Dan Rouse. We discuss their background, how they got into synth programming, what they like about MONTAGE M and specific sounds they created. Throughout the episode I added audio Auditions of their MONTAGE M Performances. Below is the Performance name, engines used and the creator:

  • Top-0:35—”Kings Tea”, AWM2+AN-X, Dan Rouse
  • 2:15-2:50—”CS80 Arctic”, AN-X, Dave Polich
  • 3:13-3:51—“Six Gang”, AWM2 + AN-X, Dan Rouse
  • 6:03-6:24—“Deception”, AN-X, Dave Polich
  • 13:02-13:39—”Galloping Pad”, AN-X, Dan Rouse
  • 16:00-16:32—”Clock Divider”, AWM2, Dave Polich
  • 22:50-23:38—“Satellite”, FM-X, Dave Polich
  • 29:02-29:30—“Grit”, AN-X, Dan Rouse
  • 37:46-38:39—”Classic Hard Sync”, AN-X, Dave Polich
  • 39:33-40:10—”Sticky Steps”, AWM2 and AN-X, Dan Rouse
  • 46:48-48:15—“Positronic”, FM-X, Dave Polich
  • 51:34-52:01—”Praise and Worship”, AWM2, Dan Rouse
  • 54:22-58:45—Dan performs “Praise and Worship” and shows how it’s used in a church service.
  • 1:07:39-End—”Fruit Suits”, AN-X, Dan Rouse

Note: This podcast was recorded during a conference call and when possible, each participant recorded locally to a DAW as well. You’ll hear differences in audio quality between the conference call and locally recorded audio. All MONTAGE M audio was recorded to a DAW in stereo.

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