A Signature Talent, Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Charlie Stacey


Charlie Stacey is the one to watch. The young keyboardist, songwriter and pianist has lately claimed increasing attention through his close association with drummer Yussef Dayes. Charlie provides an outstanding performance on Dayes’ 2019 single Duality and on the Yussef Dayes Trio’s 2020 Live album Welcome to the Hills.

Charlie’s understanding of music and melody, paired with an individual sound, gives him a signature take on the music he performs.

Starting with the piano at young age, Charlie learned by listening and imitating. Initially, boogie woogie pianists, and as the years went on, he added Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum, Keith Jarrett, Sun Ra and Mccoy Tyner to his list of favorites.

Check out Charlie at work in the video below:




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