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About ‘that sequencer’ again !

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Hi Montage people ! 😀

I have been able to successfully record individual tracks in the ‘conventional’ way - one track at a time.
It’s not even a problem for when I import a performance that uses more than one midi track. I can easily get my head around this and am very happy with this workflow.
I think it’s amazing !

Of course, because of the limited editing features, it is necessary to transfer to a DAW for further in-depth editing (and Ido this)
I am very aware and appreciate that the montage is a completely different beast and NOT a Workstation - more of a performance keyboard. I am aware that the sequencer is for basic performance recording (and I do use it for this too)

I absolutely love the screen and the recording interface and think it would benefit from just a few more tweaks.
However it would be great if there was a simple ‘copy’ function an ‘erase/delete’ in the sequencer.

I’m not asking for a full blown sequencer (only because I know this won’t happen:D )

This is useful when in a song writing session when no computer is available

I wonder if this might become available in an update .....

Posted : 03/05/2018 8:27 am

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