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Designing „resonant drop“ sounds

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Hello everyone,

it’s more a general question on sound design, but in particular I want to achieve this with my MODX*+, so I hope it fits here:

I want to recreate some sounds that remind me to rather resonant water drops, to be heard in some Depeche Mode songs:

“My Secret Garden”, sound coming in at 0:21:

“Nothing”, from the beginning, five 8th notes in the second half of each measure:

How would you tackle this sound? The second example is certainly more metallic, but probably the principle is the same?

a) With AWM2: some percussion element as base?

b) Any idea for an FM-X approach?

Extra question: It feels like the pitch doesn’t change for the single notes, but rather the filter cutoff. But could there be nevertheless a design method so that one can play the different sounding notes via keyboard only, without tweaking knobs (e.g. using Pitch/Key and Cutoff/Key adjustments)?

Thanks for any considerations!

Posted : 29/08/2023 8:53 am
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Use a lot of reverb on a wood block or pick your favorite percussive starting point. Use LFO to ramp up a filter. Maybe LFO for amplitude as well although I think filter will cause this effect. The highest note isn't filtered the same so that's a "different" sound (maybe the same sound but without any modulation - it just "snaps" right from the start). I would probably use a different Part for this although you could sample a sound you create or a clip from the recording and then use this sample on a drum kit with different pitches along the keys and the highest note would already be different without the modulation using a different sample. Then you could use just one Part.

"Nothing" would be a little more straight forward since all of the sounds are related in a way. Here you would do a slower filter sweep and not reset on every key pressed. So the filter is pretty closed for the 1st 8th note and then opens up for the next 4.

Posted : 29/08/2023 5:05 pm

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