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Global Stage: Fleurie

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Don't miss these performances!

Posted : 21/09/2022 4:43 pm
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Constructive general feedback regarding article announcements in the forum:

Often the announcement message appears over a week after the article is posted (and can be seen on the front page or "About Yamaha Synths" side-bar). In the case of "Global Stage: Fleurie" - the article was originally posted on 9/12 and then the announcement (this message) appears 9 days later. There are times when the lag is longer. Having this staggered article available vs. article announcement I believe stifles conversation because by the time the message board post shows up - it's already "old news" to be ignored and any impressions about the article were made a week or more before when users found the article through other channels.

... and so this just isn't negative feedback unrelated to the content, I guess I'll take the opportunity to express something positive about the content itself. It's good to see the varied demographics of artists featured. In this case, I am happy to see something inspiring for young women out there to see and become inspired to pursue a music career (or hobby).

Posted : 21/09/2022 7:35 pm
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@Blake and @Antony, is the above post the kind of things you were seeing?

How do these folks have no difficulty logging in and autofilling replies, but anyone else not familiar with adding all permissions unable to get access?

Consider this, those that need to be told how and where to turn on all permissions for all things to access the login are exactly the kinds of people that shouldn't be liberating their browsers in this manner.

Can't this forum be fixed? How does everyone else in the world have a more functional, less problematic forum despite doing thousands of times the traffic/volume?

Posted : 27/09/2022 3:50 pm

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