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M8X - How do you display more than 1 element on the main display or elements 9-128 on the sub display?

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Do these models have functionality equivalent to 'Element All' on the Modx?

See pages 130, 131 of the Modx Reference doc.

On the Modx these screens allowed you to see and change several parameter values for 8 elements at a time.
Of course 8 was the max you could have.

A key part of this functionality was: XA control, Group, waveform, velocity limit and note limit settings. It was very
useful in allowing elements to be grouped properly.

Now that you can have up to 128 elements such functionality, and grouping of elements, would be even more useful.

I haven't found similar functionality for the new models. If it doesn't exist I would suggest adding such screens in an update.
Of course since only 8 sets of info can be displayed at one time there would need to be a way scroll/select the 16 potential
pages of info.

The (apparently missing - I can't find it) copy/exchange element functionality would blend quite well with this 'element all'

Posted : 26/10/2023 7:08 pm

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