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M8X - looking for a challenge? Part 1 of the 8 part 'Chordz 2 Chill 2' perf uses 67 elements

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Got too much time on your hands. Try figuring out what part 1 of the 'Chordz 2 Chill 2' performance is programmed to do!

Part 1 uses 67 elements. And I'm guessing it will take several minutes just to VISIT each of them just to say hello.

That doesn't include any time to actually look at the screen to see, and try to remember, what the parameter values might tell you.

The perf only uses the 1st 8 parts so it should be a snap to just copy sets of 8 elements to parts 9-16 where you can work with them 8 at a time.

You might want to audition it first and watch the scene buttons, the part mute buttons and the rotary encoders under the sub display put on a light show as the audition plays. You might want to be sitting down in case you are susceptible to lightheadness or get a 'dizzy' feeling.

Every key from C0 to B4 plays a single(I'm using the term loosely here) broad tone for medium to high velocities and what sounds like a 5 note arpeggio if you press the key slowly.

On the plus side you probably won't need to hire an orchestra anymore. With 67 elements you get a full orchestra AND have a backup for every chair position in case any of the main players have to drop out for any reason.

On the minus side you are gonna need a LOT more controllers and foot pedals if you want to control everything independently.

Hmmm - I wonder why Blake didn't demo this one in his intro video!

Posted : 03/11/2023 3:55 am

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