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Program and bank change from Cubase to Motif 8

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I recently bought an used Motif 8, and I'm trying to use it with Cubase 8.5 for a live performance I have in a few weeks.

I'll be playing with pre recorded tracks from cubase and I'm trying to set it up so it will automatically change patches on the motif in the middle of a song. For example changing from Piano to Organ in the middle of a song. I'm using the program change number in the midi list editor, but I don't know how to set it up to change to the correct bank. For now, it's changing the patch but it always change to a different sound from the one I want. I'm getting really frustrated, and since I'm new to the Motif arquitecture, I'm quite overwhelmed.

Also, is there a way to change layers and splits data from cubase to the Motif?.

And finally, is there a way to backup performances and voice tweaks I've made from Motif to Cubase?. I tried to use the bulk dump, and I activated the Sysex in cubase but it is not recording any midi data.

Thanks in advance!

Posted : 16/02/2017 4:59 pm
Bad Mister
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In order to address the Motif you need to send both Bank Select and Program Change information to the Motif on the MIDI Channel you wish to affect the change.

Bank Select is made up of two Control Change (CC) messages. The first is called the MSB and the second is the LSB.
Then you follow this with the Program Change number you want.

For example, the first PRESET VOICE in the Motif has the following MSB/LSB: 63/0
And the first Program Change 1

So in Cubase you would INSERT two CONTROLLER events
CC 0 value 63
CC 32 value 0

Then you would input a Program Change Event:
Program Change = 1

Each Voice in Motif has a Bank Select and Program Change number. You can find this information by pressing the [INFORMATION] Button

Select the VOICE mode, then press the [INFORMATION] button to call up the Information display for that mode. To exit from the display, press the button again (or any other panel button).

Posted : 24/02/2017 11:15 pm
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@Bad Mister Thank you for your very very enlightening lesson here!
I have been looking for that msb and lsb knowledge to use my yamaha psr e453's and some other keyboards' original sounds!
You are a Godsent,mister.
how lucky your friends must be 🙂 😀

Posted : 25/09/2020 10:28 pm

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