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Motif XF Voices in MONTAGE

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A free collection of MONTAGE LIVE SET Libraries and a User file to make it easy to access the existing MOTIF XF Voice content in your MONTAGE. Check it out!

And stay tuned for more articles to come for this series!

(P.S.: the zipped file is downloadable at the bottom of the article)

Posted : 03/11/2017 4:56 pm
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I'm not seeing the point of this, since my understanding is that all of the MOTIF XF content (voices) is already in the MONTAGE.

However, it does say "stay tuned for more articles to come for this series" and I'm really hoping that means that Performances from the MOTIF XF will be released (soon).

That would be of interest and benefit.

Posted : 04/11/2017 1:11 pm
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the montage user will have all the motif xf performance, and "inspiration in a flash" library dont work in montage...

and the piano-sample from CP 300 for montage would be nice, only 40 MB 3 layer....

Posted : 04/11/2017 2:04 pm
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Isn't the case that Montage voices are better than Motif XF anyway I personally don't see the point in installing them but hey everyone is different.

Posted : 04/11/2017 5:58 pm
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I'm trying to understand this here.

The Montage has all Motif XF voices, this - we know about for 1.5 years. Been using them all the time and they're great.

Many of us were hoping this will be the multi-part performances of the XF which will be added.

What's the added value of having them in the live sets? I can't figure that one. they're there anyway.

The XF performances data adapted to the Montage will be a great asset, actually it would be amazing to have. and as people said above me... Inspiration in a.. Flash! some amazing voices there. or as we say today, Performances 🙂

Posted : 04/11/2017 8:34 pm
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The point appears to be in order to present those performances which are the same as Motif XF in an organization that better matches Motif XF data lists. Although eating up half your library slots for this seems aggressive when a piece of paper could do the same thing (list the XF voices in the left-most column - then the Montage performance by number/name in the next columns).

The performances from XF (not the voices) are certainly something more people have called for - but (yes, time consuming) you can reconstruct those manually if you have a Motif XF for reference.

At some point the Yamaha synth team mentioned looking into solving the compatibility problem with inspiration in a flash. That effort seems to have stalled - at least when looking through the lens of results.

Although there was an argument, at one time, that presenting Motif XF data would be taking steps backwards - and "we" need to focus on advancing the keyboard tech breaking away from XF - it's interesting that the least requested part of XF has been presented here.

I think it's great that some efforts are taken here to serve customers who have been missing certain things from XF - so this release isn't unwelcome. It does seem to be contrasting with some earlier messaging - but that's fine.

The 1.5 year comment - it's also true that the door has been open for that amount of time for a 3rd party to come in and do the manual programming to offer a set of performances that match XF. If you'd pay (enter price here) for a 3rd party to supply - maybe asking various 3rd party content companies would help. They do not have to record anything - it's strictly a programming task -- and all the settings are already sitting inside XF -- just data entry for a low-paid intern.

Posted : 04/11/2017 10:13 pm
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I get why some users would like to have the Motif sounds arranged in a set of easy-to-access libraries (I never owned a Motif, so the effort would be kind of lost on me), but do these import sounds or are they just arranging the Montage presets in a new way? Normally, an .X7L file actually contains all the data for a full library of sounds, not just an index of them.

From my use of some other third-party Libraries I purchased after buying my Montage, I've discovered that two or three of the same sounds often appear in the Category Search function because they have multiple library listings. Yes, I could use the User Bank to select only those sounds that aren't already represented on the Montage and turn those into a custom .X7L file, but frankly that seems more time-consuming than just ignoring that I'll sometimes have multiples of the same sound listed. Will the installation of these new libraries mean each sound from the Motif XF will be listed twice in the Category Search?

Posted : 09/11/2017 8:28 pm

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