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Looking for a Mandolin voice for use as a lead voice on Motif ES...

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I found a complete Renaissance & Folk sample library to buy on Motifactor for $79.99, but that's much more than I needed or wanted to spend just to add a lead mandolin user voice to my Motif ES. Are there any individual Motif voices as opposed to samples that are available to purchase and load on my Motif ES? Alternatively, I would be willing to try to make one myself starting with a preset guitar but, candidly, I don't know where to start. I searched old posts and found the following suggestions:

"...Perhaps a 12 string guitar would do? They have the two first strings tuned in unison like a mandolin - perhaps change an octave setting to reflect this. Try playing high on the keyboard and see how that sounds.…try pitching up steel-string acoustic guitar samples. To emulate pairs of strings, have 2 identical elements and slightly detune them and add a very short key on delay to one of them. Add a high-pass filter to make it sound smaller and take out some of the guitar body. I would also try playing around with the amp-envelope to bring out the attack.."

Phil, I would appreciate receiving a small bit of your elements / effects programming wisdom, take and advise on building a mandolin user voice for my ES...especially if you could dumb it down a bit for me. Thanks very much in advance!

Posted : 01/02/2016 12:14 am
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Well, all the programming in the world won't turn a guitar into a mandolin. At best it will sound like a guitar played like a mandolin. Without hearing the context you are programming this into any one outside would have a difficult time trying to turn an acoustic guitar Voice into a mandolin with a short paragraph of instructions.

The first rule of emulation would be to start with a mandolin, then you must approach playing it in a mandolin-like fashion. I'm sure a lot of what makes the mandolin in that Library work as a mandolin is the assigned arpeggio to do the essential trill gesture.

Posted : 01/02/2016 12:55 pm
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I understand what you are saying. My best bet would probably be to sample.....I bit of uncharted territory for me. I've used the ISS to record in some background loops. You walked me through this with GREAT results.....but creating a whole sampled user voice to play live, [shivers added].....I guess I should start reading a lot more......

Posted : 01/02/2016 3:30 pm

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