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Wireless MIDI From XF8 To iPad Question

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Based on Bad Mister's suggestion from my discussion under a CP4 topic, I purchased a wireless MIDI interface and finally got it to work with my XF8 and all the Yamaha iPad apps. Was not easy. Unfortunately, it works only with the Yamaha apps including Mobile Seq. and Synth and Dr Pad. That's OK, although I am disappointed that I can not use it for iPad GarageBand and other non-yamaha apps. But here is my question. Cuabsis is an iPad sequencer/recording app made by Steinberg which I understand is a Yamaha company or affiliate. I can not get wireless MIDI to function with Cubasis. Am I missing something, if not, will Cubasis be updated to use Yamaha's wireless MIDI? It seems to me that this really helpful Yamaha innovation for connecting an XF MIDI wirelessly with an iPad should work at least across the entire line of Yamaha/Steinberg iPad applications.

Posted : 09/10/2014 4:07 pm
Bad Mister
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Sorry, I do not know the capabilities of GarageBand or other non-Yamaha apps (there are simply too many to keep up with).

There is no such thing as "Yamaha's wireless MIDI", although I think we know what you are trying to address here - Nor are we sure why you think it *should* work "at least across the entire line of Yamaha/Steinberg iPad applications" but we like your enthusiasm. 🙂

Those apps that have wifi capability will work, those that do not, cannot. The whole wifi thing is still in its infancy - I think in time more items will become available. And I think you can anticipate that where there is a demand in the market there will be a response. If the target audience for GarageBand, becomes the leading market demanding wireless connectivity (as unlikely as that might be) then you can expect that it will become a wireless capable app. But at this point in time... what is available are the first of their kind... individual expectations, notwithstanding.

Wireless control over applications is finding its way into items like mixing consoles because there are legitimate reasons to have wifi control. For example, being able to control the on-stage monitor mix while standing on stage (and the mixer is either off stage or in a remote place in the venue). But sitting at a stationary keyboard connected to an iPad sitting on the keyboard -wifi is a luxury not a necessity.

I have not used Cubasis for iPad myself, yet. Perhaps one of my fellow specialists will chime in with their experience.

Posted : 09/10/2014 6:48 pm
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Thank you for your response. I understand, but just for the record the iPad has only one digital connection port and I am using it to connect the iPad audio via USB cable to my MG 10 XU mixer which has a USB port. Therefore I can't connect a midi cable to the iPad at the same time. So I am limited to playing only those apps with wireless capability. This does make a difference as the digital sound out of the iPad to me seems much better than the audio coming out of the headphone jack. Will see where technology goes next.

Posted : 09/10/2014 10:14 pm

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